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Core #2, 02 Core #2, 02 (Detail) Core #2, 02
These, my most recent works in sculpture, flow into different directions simultaneously: small scale realism in Bronze and large scale ceramic abstractions. The bronze sculptures which are a collaboration between my wife and I are simplified realism. These works reflect the beautiful life we have together. these works are intentionally small in size (as is my wife). With the scale of these works I hope creates a sense of intimacy between the viewer and the art.

As for the large-scale ceramic Works my motivation is moved from the duty of life to the tragedy of 911. I am currently constructing a series which I call Cores from ground zero. This series for me is the way to deal with the new reality we all face . These works are made up of an assemblage of elements both symbolic and abstract. These works are my imagining of a core pulled from ground zero turned upside down and put on display. The works are meant to be thought-provoking not horrific. I see these forms as "sociological stalagmites" their shape symbolizing not only the towers but the sociological forces which both create and destroy.

Richard and Kate, 02
Bronze Figures, 02 Bronze Figures, 02 Bronze Figures, 02
Kate #1, 02 Kate #1, 02 Kate #1, 02
The first row is an example of a commissioned installation in the cafeteria of Contra Costa College reflecting diversity in Year 2000. Commissioned pieces can be created for indoor or outdoor applications depending on the materials selected and on commission price. Works can be created in cast aluminum, cast bronze, plaster or other. Following rows are examples are available works
Outdoor Sculpture "ART"   Outdoor Sculpture "ART"   Outdoor Sculpture "ART"
Figure in Sunlight Figure #4, 1998
Man and Woman
Figure #4, 1998
Man and Woman
Mind's Eye Figure #1, 1991 Figure #3, 1992
Figure #2, 1993 Imagination Easter Island
Joe Campbell Hole in the Floor Table Side View
Man & Woman 2000 Three quarter Three quarter and a half
Holocaust #6 Sexual Forms Studio Doors

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