About computer prints

My computer images are generated from my own photographs, drawings, paintings, even sculptures which I have digitized in order to create these works of art. Computer prints are not curatorial this means that over time they will fade, how rapid this occurs is directly related to light exposure. Direct sunlight causing the most rapid degeneration.

Computer prints can be made curatorial through a rather expanses photographic process. Computer prints as opposed to lithographs etchings even photographs are relatively inexpensive, and will endure for a decade or more with proper care. Prints can be made in virtually any size at escalating prices. My works range in price $20to $100.

This is a collection of
portraits used
as a vehicle
for learning photoshop.

Portraits are available in
a wide variety of
media, prices and sizes.

Jean Noel
Ray Brian Mickey
Self Portrait Kate Freeway Kate
Kate Screen #2 Kate Screen #3 Kate Screen #1
I've been generating at least one photographic image a day for 20 years. I'm now in the process of transitioning from traditional photography into digital image making. These images are samples of some of my recent work.
Show Poster Kate Wall
Poster Y2K Commet # 10
The following are an evolving collection of images begun in September of 2000 while on a carthatic adventure with my father to Alaska.
Alaska Series #1, Mike Alaska Series #2, Frank
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